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PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

PSA (Professional Services Automation) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 was developed for the new generation of information workers, who are always online and prefer to work wherever and whenever they wish. Are you ready for the new generation of information workers? PSA for CRM 2011 is a completely integrated solution for contemporary information workers. Developed for the latest technology, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 platform.

Choose for the future and make sure that you are ready for it!  Let us introduce you to PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, the solution for professional service organizations that are looking ahead.

Today's professional services information worker wants to use an application that is user-friendly and accessible from anywhere. They want to create projects, define budgets and book their hours in a familiar environment. They want a flexible and smart solution.

If you have multiple projects to manage, disconnected staff, and tight budgets step back and imagine a smart solution. One that defines budgets, links your calendar, allows you to easily make time entries right from Outlook.

From Opportunity to Project

Assistance PSA goes beyond the standard marketing campaigns, mailings, and functionality of turning leads into opportunities that is found in CRM. Now you can have the capability to turn opportunities into projects, calculate your hours and plan your projects, all with a single mouse click.

Planning and Timesheets via Outlook

Manage the entire project cycle from one single screen! Assistance PSA is a solution leveraging the powerful platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to add rich project management capabilities including project estimates, resource planning, project management, workflow and invoicing.  It's fully integrated with Outlook so users will find it easy to use in a very familiar interface.

Assistance PSA is redefining time registration.  The integration with Outlook makes it possible to book time and expenses right from your Outlook calendar! Just a simple click of the Outlook retrieval button and all of your Outlook appointments are displayed in your time sheet. 

Manage your People and Projects

Too many projects? Organize, manage, and evaluate multiple projects with a 360 degree overview of your work! Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics 2011 is a tool that facilitates efficiency. With deep functionality and multiple out of the box features, you can manage your people and your projects in an easy and friendly way with project management and resource planning. The total overview of your projects and resources in Assistance PSA will enable you to empower your business.

Share your Documents and Knowledge

Store, share, and organize your documents to fit the way you work. SharePoint sites can be automatically generated for your Projects by Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. Multiple versions of your shared documents can be saved in the database using the version management capabilities of SharePoint. The solution includes a number of standard project site templates that can be adjusted to fit your company's requirements and preferences.

Full Integration with your Dynamics GP/AX accounting solution

Assistance PSA offers a full integration with your financial platform, the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform (GP/AX). In the front end section, you manage your customers and contacts with full CRM functionality: Assistance PSA adds project management, project calculation, project planning, time and expense registration and invoicing to this basis.

All information you need in a single platform, online and offline.C  Users mark Documents front end trimmed

Assistance PSA for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available On Premise and Online, traditionally licensed or Saas the choice is yours!


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