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How Will Technology Affect Small Businesses in 2014?


2014 Small Business TechTechnology continues to fuel changes in what, where, and how we work.  And, it changes at a rapid pace.  Just when you think you have the latest technology solution for your business, something newer and better is being touted as the “next big thing”.  Thus, the year ahead is sure to be one of constant change and innovation.  However, my recommendation is not to get caught up in adopting the latest and hottest technology available, but rather to step back and focus on your larger IT strategy while staying informed and keeping ahead of the curve.

Three Technology Trends in 2014

With that being said, here are three current trends in the technology world, and my thoughts on why small businesses should be paying attention.  

  1. Mobility will continue to affect them.
    There’s no escaping the need to go mobile.  From a device perspective, there will be a continued push by hardware manufacturers who produce everything from phones, to laptops and tablets, to manufacture devices that do more than they ever could.  Think smaller laptops, larger phones.  With this innovation will come continued improvements in battery life, weight, and user interface, all leading to enhanced availability of options.  Additionally, more technology users will be transacting through mobile web interfaces than ever before.  Two interesting facts about this holiday season: First, Cyber Monday sales exceeded Black Friday sales and second, over 16% of digital sales were done on a tablet or mobile phone. Going forward, businesses must have a strategy for meeting their customer’s needs for mobile transactions.
  2. Security
    The security breaches of 2013 proved that this topic should not be taken lightly.  While it’s easy for people to become numb to the constant buzz around security breaches, viruses and the like, keep in mind that for BCG Systems, the many of our services on the Network Solutions side of our business are related to fixing problems caused by these same malicious attacks.  I stand by the recommendation that user education is the number one preventer of lost productivity.  By educating employees you can avoid costly remediation.  2014 will be no different in this area than 2013, making it even more critical to keep up and protect your business’ security. 
  3. Opportunity to save money by outsourcing elements of IT strategy.
    In today’s market, business owners are faced with important decisions they must make on a daily basis in order to grow their business.  One of these decisions is whether or not to outsource certain functions of the business or to hire internally.  The reality is, almost anything can be outsourced when it comes to information technology – equipment, software, services.  Having a professional IT organization work for your firm not only puts top-tier IT staff at your disposal, but it also provides for additional flexibility, lean overhead, and access to the most current technology.  If you’re interested in learning more about whether IT outsourcing may be a fit for your organization, I invite you to join us on Thursday, January 23 for an educational webinar on the topic. You can get more event details here: 

    If you’re a small business technology decision maker, and need assistance navigating any of the aforementioned tech trends, feel free to reach out to us at BCG Systems.  Our team of dedicated consultants is here to assist. 


Nice Post
Posted @ Tuesday, February 11, 2014 8:12 AM by Hiliary
Hey Ken, 
Brilliant post.Thanks for sharing such great trends.Helpful for all.
Posted @ Tuesday, March 25, 2014 3:43 AM by Jesse Boehm
Best article, thank you for writing
Posted @ Saturday, August 30, 2014 3:18 AM by obat alzheimer
your article is very helpful, thank you
Posted @ Monday, September 15, 2014 4:01 AM by obat herbal asam urat
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