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How IT Support Services Are Helping IT Departments Succeed

Business professional with multiple roles

I think we would all agree that our days are busier than ever. We often get pulled in a number of directions and are tasked with doing more now than we’ve had to take responsibility for in the past. Do you feel like you are doing the job of a couple people?  Well, you are not alone. This is seen again and again when it comes to small and medium businesses managing their network support. If you aren’t involved in the IT role at your organization, you likely have still dealt with the ramifications of IT headaches that plague many businesses today. How many hats does your IT person wear? Most IT professionals are responsible for and need to be knowledgeable about multiple functions within an organization, as well as fixing any urgent issues that arise at the drop of his or her hat. With technology changing at the speed of light and those darn finicky machines, how can one person stay up-to-date on everything?

See the Future of Office 365: Microsoft Releases a Business Roadmap

Office 365 First Release

Have you ever wanted to predict the future? When it comes to business, most would agree they like to take a no surprises approach. We want to know what to expect and when. Microsoft gets it, and they are making strides to keep business subscribers informed of new and changing features of their Office 365 service. Start cheering…there is an Office 365 Roadmap.  

3 Reasons You Should Use SharePoint Online for Document Management

SharePoint 2013 Screen Shot

The business environment today is quite different from that of a decade ago. Even in the past few years, there has been much change – and there is no slowing down.  Today organizations have to be able to collaborate, communicate and be productive whether they are working down the hall, across town or in different states. Many organizations are looking to SharePoint 2013 to meet these needs. 

How BYOD is Impacting the Security of Your Data [Infographic]

BYOD Impact Infographic

Gartner estimates that the amount of mobile technology will grow exponentially through 2018.  While remote computing and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies can certainly bring efficiencies to your company, they can also present security challenges to IT departments.  For instance, how do you ensure that all devices are secure and aren’t opening up your corporate network to risks?  And, have you considered whether your IT help desk is prepared to support additional devices?  

How to Win Over the Mobile Computing Business Challenges

2014 Mobility Trends

Because of the wide-spread availability of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, many people now move seamlessly throughout their day between work and personal life tasks and expect their employers will support this increasingly popular work style.  However, some organizations are still left wondering how best to meet the needs of their increasingly mobile workforces. 

Is Your Wireless Network Secure?

Secure Access

Are you concerned – like many Internet users today – whether your office or home wireless connection is secure?  Wireless networks extend the entry points into a network beyond requiring a physical connection.  Depending on where your access points are, the signal could leak into other offices, buildings, or parking lots that surround your space.  There's no way to prevent the signal leak, short of shielding your house or office, which really isn't practical or feasible.  The cost alone would be prohibitive, and who would want to live without windows?!

SharePoint 2013 FAQs: Get Your Questions Answered Now

Microsoft SharePoint

If you’re an existing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 user, then you are likely well aware of the benefits of incorporating collaboration tools into your business.  In today’s volatile economic climate, organizations require collaboration, communication, and productivity solutions to be both cost-effective and flexible.  And, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 meets those needs.

Key Dynamics GP Takeaways from Microsoft Convergence 2014

Dynamics App Roadmap

Now that all the Microsoft Dynamics partners, users and potential clients are getting back into the swing of things after an action-packed week at Microsoft Convergence 2014, I thought it would be beneficial to discuss three of the key highlights as it relates to Dynamics GP and the product roadmap ahead.

How Office 365 Helps Overcome Everyday Business Challenges

Office365 Licensing

By now, you’ve likely heard the term Office 365 thrown around in the tech world.  Simply put, Office 365 is the cloud subscription software that gives users access to the tried-and-true Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) as well as additional cloud services like business-grade e-mail, shared calendar, internal and external sites, and videoconferencing.

Security Alert: CryptoLocker Copycat Rears Its Ugly Head – Are Your Systems Safe?

Security Threats

Within the last couple of weeks, our consultants here at BCG Systems have begun seeing an uptick in the number of calls received from clients regarding dreaded ransomware trojans.  You may have heard of CryptoLocker when it was released in September of 2013, however the latest internet threat is a copycat version know as CryptoDefense, and it’s proving to be much worse than the original.

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