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SharePoint Server 2016 – Coming Soon!

Posted by Stephanie Burris  Aug 27, 2015 1:34:54 PM

Microsoft has announced that SharePoint Server 2016 will become generally available in Q2 2016, with a public beta planned for Q4 2015. After much speculation and questions about the future of the on-premises version, this announcement verifies Microsoft’s commitment to the on-premises version for the foreseeable future.

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How to Implement a Successful Warehouse Management System

Posted by Mark Goodson  Aug 19, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Utilizing the right warehouse management system (WMS) is important when running an efficient distribution center. It is a vital part of the supply chain and largely controls the movement and storage of goods in a warehouse. It also manages the related operations, such as shipping, receiving, packing and picking.

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I Upgraded My Computer to Windows 10 (and You Should Too)

Posted by Dustin Miller  Aug 17, 2015 11:45:08 AM

Traditionally I've never been a fan of in place upgrades. The allure of something new for free was enough for me to give it a try with Windows 10.

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Power BI – Why You Don't Want to Miss This New Experience!

Posted by Stephanie Burris  Aug 12, 2015 4:00:01 PM

Microsoft has been hard at work getting Power BI ready to go. This new experience is an extremely visual and dynamic look at your business data. Users can utilize stunning visualizations to keep up-to-date on business information such as sales, gross margin and profit. In addition, they can quickly spot trends as they are happening so that the organization can make decisions on direction or marketing efforts.

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What You Missed at BriForum 2015 Denver

Posted by Dustin Miller  Aug 5, 2015 3:06:45 PM

Last week I attended the BriForum conference.  BriForum is a vendor independent source for desktop virtualization, consumerization, and enterprise mobility management.

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3 Pillars of Technology Planning

Posted by Jason Kline  Jul 23, 2015 3:48:00 PM

You just ended second quarter, the year is only half over, and you have plenty of time to think about next year, right? Nope. Now is the time to start thinking and planning for 2016.

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How to Avoid Being Lost When Your Data Is

Posted by Geoffrey Whidden  Jul 18, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Most people don’t think too much about data recovery, until they have a problem, at which point it might be too late. Have you thought through your organization’s strategy for protecting data against inadvertent loss? Have you tested this process lately? How much confidence do you really have in the ability to recover if something went wrong?   

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(Real) QuickBooks in the Cloud: Why You Should Go Serverless

Posted by Mike Kowalski  Jul 15, 2015 1:32:00 PM

If you’re like most small to medium sized businesses, you’re probably utilizing some type of on-premise accounting software. Most likely, it’s QuickBooks Enterprise, a simple, easy to use accounting application that spans a company doing $100K to $10M in revenue.

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Tech Tips & Tricks: Free NetSuite SuiteApp Bundles

Posted by Tanya Weatherholt  Jun 29, 2015 10:52:40 AM

Often organizations using NetSuite are unaware that there are optional bundles developed by Netsuite Professional Services that can be installed in your account for no additional cost.  When we start working with a new client that is using NetSuite, we find that a lot of these bundles are underused. We’ve even discovered companies paying to replicate programs that are a FREE, simple one click installation to their existing NetSuite account. 

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What Are Windows 10 Universal Apps?

Posted by Ken Klika  Jun 25, 2015 2:13:13 PM

With the Windows 10 debut about a month away, techies out there are drooling over the idea that they may finally have the opportunity to utilize universal apps with this OS update. This means that a developer can write a program once and it will run across a variety of devices with a common core code and common interface. As it stands now, different code has to be developed for a program to work with certain devices. Thus causing the problem of apps not running the same (or at all) on different platforms.

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